Friday, April 22, 2011

Widows in Spain

Widows in Spain receive only € 450 or less widow's pension each month. For many of them not even enough to pay their rent....According to attached article of 2008, widows in Barcelona used to demonstrate in the streets each month to get the attention of the Spanish Government for their situation:

I am preparing a project on these widows in Barcelona.


  1. Do widows in Spain wear black for the rest of their lives?

  2. no usually they just wear normal clothes.

  3. Thanks. I always wondered that because I'm an American who grew up in Spain.

  4. you are welcome, if you have a look at my website you see some widows from Catalunya. They do not wear black. There might be widows in Spain who chose to wear black the rest of their lives.
    I don't know them and if so, they do not wear black because society forces them to do so (as far as I know).