Tuesday, June 18, 2013

United Nations International Widows Day, June 23rd

Sunday June 23rd will be the yearly  'United Nations International Widows Day' www.un.org/en/events/widowsday. To pay attention to the plight if widows I will post my latest work on widows at this blog. It is about savings by the Dutch government on widowspensions. For these series I portrayed six widows with their children in photographs and in texts. They have told me their stories related to work, raising their children, and the pension they receive from the state (all in Dutch). I thank Stichting De Jonge Weduwe for their support in making these series possible: www.dejongeweduwe.nl

The next six days I will post one of the stories of widows every day.

Further activities on June 23rd:

- Stichting De Jonge Weduwe will gather with young widows to launch some special films with (stupid and nice) quotes of people surrounding widows.

- The Loomba Foundation in London, will organize a run to collect money and support for widows around the world www.theloombafoundation.org

My thoughts are with widows suffering around the world, because they are being discriminated against, only because they have lost their husbands.

Here a preview of my series about young widows and their children in The Netherlands.  

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